Product features

Next we present the characteristics of the Product:


Compact and light weight design



Easy to install


Easy maintenance


  • The maintenance required for the system is basically to prevent foreign particles entering the system.
  • If you need to disconnect a hose from one of the fittings, make sure to clean both components. This will prevent contaminants from entering the system which could clog the nozzle.
  • Check and clean the oil container periodically to remove buildup of foreign material that could clog the oil filter.
  • Check periodically the oil filter and clean if necessary. Use paper napkins or toothbrush to remove the accumulated dirt particles on the surface. Do not attempt to disassemble, it is not necessary.
  • Occasionally check the correct alignment of the oil application on the chain and tightening the screws on the respective supports, adjust if necessary.
  • The routine cleaning of sprockets and chain should be kept at least after every use made.
  • Cleaning procedures for lubricator components should be made using paper napkins. Do not use fabric pieces for cleaning.



Reliable operation

Manufactured with excellent quality materials and under strict quality controls.