Is the Movi-lub chain oiler a disposable product?

No, it is not a disposable product. Once it is installed on the bicycle it is necessary just to refill the container using the recommended oil.

What is the oiler system weight?

With all the components and oil included, the approximate oiler system weight is 85 grams (3 oz) for drivetrain systems using front derailleurs (2 and 3 chainrings). Its total weight is 92 grams (3.2 oz) for single chainring drivetrain systems.


What is the oil container capacity?

The oil container capacity is 14 ml (0.47 fl.oz ).

How many times is it possible to lubricate the chain using the full oil container capacity?

One lubrication cycle is made by 4 pumping consecutive actions. It is possible to do 8 lubrication cycles with the full oil container capacity.


How frequently should the chain be lubricated?

The lubrication frequency will depend on climate and terrain conditions. It is usually known by the cyclists when it is necessary to lubricate.


What for is the Movi-lub chain oiler used?

The device is designed to be used on mountain bicycles. It makes possible to the cyclists to lubricate the chain at any time and without a halt. It minimizes the problems in chain and sprockets caused by lack of lubrication.

Is the device to be used just in rainy and mud conditions?


The device is made to be used always independently of the climate and terrain conditions. The rain and mud are as harmful as the dust is for the bicycle drivetrain components.


What kind of maintenance does the device require?


The required maintenance is simple. This website and the product user manual contain the maintenance details.


Is it necessary to have professional skills to install the device on the bicycle?


No, it is not necessary to have professional skills. The device was designed to be easily installed. There is an instruction manual in the product package. This website contains videos on how to install the device.


What type of drivetrain systems could the chain oiler being installed on?


The chain oiler was designed, at the first time, to be used on drivetrain systems using front derailleur. Afterwards, a nozzle bracket was designed to make it possible to use the chain oiler on single chainring systems.


Is there any chance to install the chain oiler when the front derailleur shape does not permit the nozzle bracket to be installed on?


In these cases, what is recommended is to use the nozzle bracket for single chainring drivetrain systems. The nozzle bracket should be aligned to only one of the chainrings as the cyclist decides.


Is it required to have special materials or tools to install the chain oiler?


The package includes all the necessary components to install the chain oiler. It is just necessary to have scissors to cut the hose and the plastic ties.


What kind of oil should it be used in the chain oiler?


It is recommended to use low viscosity oils as SAE 10. An oil jet is the correct way for the oil application. Oil drops are not a correct way for the oil application


Is there some oil included in the product package?


Oil for the first refill is included in the product package for those devices sold in Costa Rica. Chain oil is not included in chain oilers sent out of Costa Rica to foreign cities.


Is it recommended to clean up the chain oiler components using fabric pieces?


Cleaning procedures for chain oiler components should be made using paper napkins or similar. Do not use fabric pieces for cleaning. If fabric fibers reach the internal system they could clog the nozzle and filter.


What to do if there is any issue with chain oiler performance?


There is a low malfunction possibility. However, there is a “trouble shooting” section in the chain oiler user manual. There are also communication channels to answer to client’s inquiries in this website and social networks as Facebook and Instagram.


Are there chain oiler components spare parts available in case of needing any?


Yes, there are spare parts for all the chain oiler components.


Where the Movi-lub chain oiler could be bought?


For clients in Costa Rica, there are two ways to buy the product:


a)   Ciclo San Nicolás S.A. is the authorized distributor in Costa Rica and it delivers the product to the bicycle shops all over the country.


b)   The product is also sold by the Movi-lub office. Deliveries are done by mean Correos de Costa Rica to the locations all over the country where it is capable to reach. Credit and debit card payments are accepted by mean Paypal system.

c) Payment can be made through our bank accounts.


For clients in foreign cities out of Costa Rica

Credit and debit card payments are accepted by PayPal system. Deliveries are made by mean Correos de Costa Rica or DHL when the client asks for shorter transit times.